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This website is under construction. Rebranding to Wavy Health is in progress.


The Wavy app bridges the gap between chronic diseases and mental health by letting you manage your symptoms and lower your stress.


Wavy learns from smart wearables who you are as an individual and provides insights in what works best for you.


Wavy helps you plan your time and energy throughout the week based on what it learns from your personal symptom journal.


Wavy sends you personalized notifications based on your biofeedback, so you know when to take back control of your situation.

How it works

Install the Wavy app, wear a wearable, fill in your journal and go about your day. Wavy learns about you and what causes your discomfort and stress. Based on these insights, Wavy will notify you so you can take action to actively lower your stress instead of paying the price later. If you choose to, Wavy let's you empower the conversation with your healthcare professional.

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How it works

Wavy in the media

Most start-ups say they want to 'disrupt' the status quo. Taking things literally, we signed up Wavy for the TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco Hackathon. After receiving first prize for the HealthX World Series at the famous TechCrunch Disrupt Next Stage, it became apparent Wavy had to follow suit and move on to the 'next stage'.

Biome by Novartis
Hackathon First Prize

The best way to keep your skills sharp is by competing with the world's best. So we were very proud to have been selected by Y-Combinator to participate in their invitation-only Spring Hackathon event. Next to that, Sanofi sponsored our booth at their stand during Vivatech Paris. There we were graced by a visit from H.R.H. Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Prince of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Y-Combinator Hackathon
Vivatech Sanofi with Dutch Prince


Wavy will be available for limited beta testing soon.

Want to learn more in the meantime? Contact us on social media or drop by our offices.

Email: info@wavy-assistant.com

Lake Nona, Orlando (FL), United States
De Puddingfabriek, Groningen, The Netherlands
SpaceShack, Berlin, Germany
Technoport, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg


Wavy is powered by the following:

European Union
Vision Health Pioneers
Vision Health Pioneers
Vision Health Pioneers
Vision Health Pioneers
Senate of Berlin
Vision Health Pioneers
Vision Health Pioneers
Vision Health Pioneers
European Social Fund
Vision Health Pioneers
Vision Health Pioneers


Wavy is committed to work safely with you and your data.

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