Health tracking made easy

Health tracking made easy

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Wavy is the smart partner for your heart, by connecting everyday wearable devices and smart home speakers. In a perfect world we would always be there for the most important people in our life, especially those needing medical attention. However, even the most dedicated caretakers can't look after anyone 24/7. But Wavy can.

Wavy App

Wavy learns from smart voice assistant and wearable data about your personal heart health status and keeps monitoring.

Wavy Journal

Wavy tells you how you or your connected friends and family are doing and how your symptoms are progressing over time.

Wavy Emergency

In case of an emergency Wavy can alert anyone you choose, for example emergency services.

Wavy Code

Wavy allows for custom rules. For instance, in case your heartrate slows alarmingly, call a neighbor and open the IoT doorlock.

Accessible for everyone

Wavy uses affordable smart consumer devices that seamlessly integrate into everyday life to watch over vulnerable people and will intervene if necessary. An off the shelf smartwatch logs user data passively, just by you wearing it and going about your business. For anything Wavy can't track automatically, you can easily communicate through smart home speakers. Non tech-savvy users, such as a lot of elderly, don't like fiddling with mobile apps. Wavy solves this by allowing a speech interface.

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How it works

Wavy in the media

Most start-ups say they want to 'disrupt' the status quo. Taking things literally, we signed up Wavy for the TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco Hackathon. After receiving first prize for the HealthX World Series at the famous TechCrunch Disrupt Next Stage, it became apparent Wavy had to follow suit and move on to the 'next stage'.

Biome by Novartis
Hackathon First Prize

The best way to keep your skills sharp is by competing with the world's best. So we were very proud to have been selected by Y-Combinator to participate in their invitation-only Spring Hackathon event. Next to that, Sanofi sponsored our booth at their stand during Vivatech Paris. There we were graced by a visit from H.R.H. Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Prince of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Y-Combinator Hackathon
Vivatech Sanofi with Dutch Prince


See Wavy in action. Your personal heart partner, always looking out for you.


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Wavy is supported by the following partners:

European Union
European Social Fund
Senate of Berlin
Vision Health Pioneers